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    Why do android phones have these many pre-installed applications which the user can't remove?

    There are 3 types of pre-installed apps, they are :-
    1. Google apps.
    2. Core Module Apps.
    3. Bloatwares.
    1. Google apps :- 
    • In case of, these kind of apps OEMs have to follow certain rules when it comes presenting the final version of Android to Google.
    • The rules define the list of pre-installed Google apps that phones has to carry as well.
    • So these apps can't be removed normally but if you root your phone then you can easily removed them.

    2. Core Module Apps:-
    • These apps are necessary for your Android phone to function properly.
    • They are not allowed to be removed and that the correct to do.
    Source :Quora, answer by Chiranjiv Karning

    3. What is bloatware? And what about it?
    What is bloatware? In another words, pre-installed apps that are useless most of the time. There are also other downfall of bloatware. It consumes system resources, taking up storage space and RAM, running in the background without you knowing and draining up your battery.
    How to remove bloatware on Android devices?
    How to remove bloatware? Unfortunately, your carriers and manufacturers do not make it any easier. Normally, bloatware is hidden in system folder, which you have no permission to access.
    Step 1: First of all. You need to root your Android.
    In order to remove bloatware, you need to gain root privilege, i.e. "superuser" permissions. Most carriers and manufactures strictly forbid users from gaining these privileges and rooting will immediately void warranty claim. Normally, rooted device should have SuperSU installed.
    Step 2: [IMPORTANT] Make BACKUP of your device.
    Titanium Backup is the most recommended app to back up your device before you start deleting system apps, which is risky and could cause serious trouble if you make a wrong move. So, most importantly, make backup.
    Step 3: Install an app from Google Play Store.
    Enter keywords like "remove system app" or "System app remover", you should get a lot of results. For example, "system app remover" developed by JUMOBILE.
    Step 4: Launch the app.
    You need to grant the Superuser request at the first time you launch this app. And again, you will need to root your phone first.
    In the end, BE CAUTIOUS and have fun.
    Source :Quora by :- Sonu Rj 

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