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    10 Best Email Client Apps for “Windows 10”


    Need a good email app for Windows 10? Pick your favorite app from this list of 10 best free email clients of 2015 that support Windows 10. In today's world, there are many ways to increase productive which saves a lot of time the same applies for the Email clients available for desktops.
    People who are using Emails are increasing day by day so as bloggers, business people etc. it takes a lot of time to open and check each and every email account one have to save the time there are several Email clients available out there for different operating systems. However, majority of the users have now started installing the new Windows 10 on their computers. so, we are listing out the top email apps to check and manage your messages on your Windows 10 PC.
    There are several Email clients available on Windows 10 and it takes a lot of time to try out each and every email client available out there. It is really hard to decide which one works the best for you and I am sure that you do not have time to try out every other option available out there to decide if it is suitable for your needs or will it be working perfectly for you. So we took a lot of time to try most of the email services supported by windows 10 to list out the best.
    You can pick the perfect Email client app and start using it. It is as simple as that. Most of the email clients we listed below come in a free version with few or no limitations.


    Download Mailbird for Windows 10
    Mailbird offers a clutter free Email experience on your Windows 10 computer and it has been featured as the best email client by popular tech sites like PCWorld and itworld. Mailbird is a good alternative to Sparrow, a popular Email client for Mac and it has been recently acquired by Google.
    Mailbird app allows users to add and use multiple email accounts on a single window, the app also features keyboard shortcuts, labels and folder search, message previews and HTML support for adding your own signature to your emails. Download free app for Windows 10 today.

    em Client

    Download em client for windows 10
    em Client 6 for Windows 10 is our first pick which is quite popular among the crowd for its simple and easy to use interface. You can use multiple email accounts though the free version of the application is limited to use only 2 email accounts. The application offers several features like you can import most of the things from almost all email applications. It supports Skype as well as all popular emails like GmailYahooOutlook etc.

    Windows Live Mail

    download windows live mail for windows 10
    Microsoft has its own desktop email client “Windows Live Mail” which is packed with many features. It is one of the fastest loading Email client when compared to others. The User Interface is simple and easy to understand by any. You can manage unlimited email accounts from all popular email providers. You can also manage your business email accounts too. You can also manage your contacts and events in the calendar even in offline.


    Download zimbra email client for windows 10
    Zimbra is another desktop client for Windows 10 which is known for its features. The desktop client offers tabbed interface which is easy to navigate. When you look at the UI you may call it outdated but it offers a wide range of features like you can also keep an eye on your social accounts like Facebook and Twitter within the application. It also supports many email providers straight out of the box. The application has ability to handle unlimited mail accounts and you can work online as well as offline.


    Download Inky email for Windows 10
    Inky stands out of the competition with its UI which looks professional and cool when compared to the remaining email clients in this list. Another feature is that Inky will automatically configure the email accounts of Gmail, Yahoo or outlook etc on Windows 10. The email client has mobile applications as well as cloud sync feature which will sync the settings on all the systems or mobiles you are using which saves a lot of time. But the major downside is that the client doesn't work offline.


    Download Outlook for Windows 10
    Outlook Microsoft is a personalized email service from Microsoft and your single outlook account has many productive uses such as syncing Calendars, Contacts and Notes on Windows 10 powered PC's, Tablet and Phone. You can enhance the app by adding more features to the app through add-on's.

    Mozilla Thunderbird

    10 Best email client apps for windows 10
    Thunderbird is a powerful and feature rich email client software for Windows 10 and apart from Email this free software also has built-in Feed reader and chat client. Mozilla Thunderbird uses Bayesian filtering to effectively scan and get rid of junk mails.
    There are many add-on's available for Thunderbird and by downloading these add-on's users can improve the functionality and customize the app according to their needs, You can also use the backup option to move your profile to a new device.

    Opera Mail

    Download Opera Mail for Windows 10
    Opera Mail is a lightweight(Uses less RAM) email client developed by Opera software, It supports POP and IMAP, The tabbed navigation makes it easy for browsing through your mails and it also comes with a built-in feed reader to get the latest updates from your subscriptions.


    Download metro email for Windows 10
    When it comes to apps made exclusively for the windows metro interface, Metromail stands apart from the rest and it supports both Windows 10 and Windows phone 10, You can configure the app to use major email services like outlook and Gmail, The app also lets you store messages on your PC, so that you can read them even if you are offline.


    Download Incredimail for windows 10
    Incredimail gives your emails a social media touch by allowing you to add photo backgrounds, insert emoticons and animations, It has also got a gallery where you can download cool animations, Ecards, sounds and skins on various themes.
    Our list has come to an end and if you haven't picked one yet, we recommend you to go with Outlook or Windows Live Mail if your want the standard email experience or get Mailbird if you want a Sparrow-like email client for Windows.


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