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    How To Send Large File Through Email

    How To Send Large File Through Email – In this world most of the person use email service that is electronic mailing service that is used to send messages and files over the internet. Today there are huge number of mailing portals available like Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and many more. But the major issue with emails services are that you can’t send files greater than certain limits. These limits are set according to these email portals. So to resolve this issue i am here with a method to send large files email. Below i have discuss a method by which you can easily send large files over the emails and no limitation for the size of file to be send. Check out How To Send Large File Through Email

    How To Send Large File Through Email

    How To Send Large File Through Email

    How To Send Large File Through Email :-

    Generally the limits of email services are 25mb which is sometime not enough for us, so better is to use another service to send large files email. The better choice there is to useGoogle Drive the best place to store the files online and while uploading the file you can share the downloading link with your friends to download the file.The major benefits of using Google Drive are
    • Free of cost
    • No advertisements
    • 15Gb of free storage
    So lets talk about the method of send large files email.
    1. First of all visit Google Drive and sign in with your Google Account.
    2. Now after log in to your account you will see an upload button there, click on it and select the file you want to upload to share it with someone. Now you will see uploading porcess there at the bottom right corner. And you can even select another file to upload. Wait for the upload to complete.
    3. Now after the file being uploaded click on the share button at the share setiings and you can also set the provacy of the sile in which you can set who can access the file that is you can either set it as public or private.
    4. Now you can send the file directly through the gmail and also when you click on shareoption button there will be sending option like facebook, twitter too. Also if you are using mobile app of google drive there will be a option to send file even through whatsapp ,wechat and facebook messenger etc too.
    How To Send Large File Through Email – So above is all about to send large files email. By this method you can easily send large file through the email portals like gmail and also you ca share the direct downloading link of the file with your friend with any social media. And the best part is that there will be no limit on the file to be send.Don’t forget to share this cool post and leave a comment below if you have any related queries.

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