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    Android smartphones are found almost everywhere, and they range from low to high end smartphones. All of them will slow down with time; this is why it's important to maintain your smartphone's smoothness by following the few easy-to-do 

    1.Make sure you’re up to date
    2.Clean up your home screen
    3.Uninstall and disable unused apps
    4.Turn off or reduce animations
    5.Clear cached app data
    6.Turn off or reduce auto-sync
    7.Wipe cache partition
    8.Perform a factory reset
    9.Restart the phone
    Search the Play Store for useful applications.

    For older phones, an auto task killer: Kills chosen applications every 'n' seconds or minutes. This frees up some RAM memory, thus the phone will run faster.

    A start up manager: Allows you to stop number of applications from starting up automatically when the phone boots up.
    Juice defender application: Gives your phone more battery juice by stopping services and applications.
    A cache cleaner (could be automatic, too): Cleans up some cache from the mobile's memory.

    An Apps to SD card application: Allows you to move some applications to the SD card (if you have one inserted). This also speeds up the phone.

    Spare parts application: Gives you some more settings to configure in your phone, such as a faster window and transition animation.

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